I can’t believe the main thing that I took home from Radiant this week was that one should analyze contracts properly or else one could end up with a massive debt! Yet at the same time, it reminded me that not everything is as it seems, so we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. All these lessons mixed in with tons of hilarious moments made sure that this was an enjoyable episode!


After running into The Inquisition, Seth, Melie, and Doc finally arrived in Artemis, and it was truly a sorcerer’s paradise! There, nobody discriminated against them, and they could use magic as they wished! Seth wanted to get right down to business and look for Yaga, but at the insistence of Doc, he had to go through the admission ceremony first and become a resident of the town. That was when Seth found out that Artemis is all about the money, and also when Doc found out that it’s not good to trick kids!

Episode Highlights

Artemis: Such a fascinating place this was, as expected of a magic town! There are a lot of differences between what we saw in Pompo Hills, which is a normal town, and this. For one, the sorcerers here seemed very happy and could freely use magic anywhere without being hated! The town’s also more advanced, with the security magic and the area for airships, and the walkway that Seth and Melie used! It’s even a place where the 13 Sorcerer Coven gather; we don’t know yet what they are exactly, but they sure sound pretty important and powerful! The town and its leader is super influential as well that The Inquisition is actually scared of fighting against them! It’s truly a haven for sorcerers! It’d really be tempting to live here in peace forever if you didn’t care for Nemesis hunting.

Money matters: The people in Artemis are incredibly weird, though! They were all cheering for the newbies, knowing full well that they’d get scammed into a massive debt! It’s like wanting others to experience what they experienced! Terrible! I felt so bad for Seth and the other two with him though it’s also partly their fault since they didn’t bother checking the contract before signing. But, I guess even if you did read it, you have no choice but to go with it anyway if you want to live there. Then again, even if they were tricked into it, the residents didn’t look oppressed or unhappy, and it’s like they were excited for the newbies getting into debt too! Maybe it’s because they know that the money’s going into the research needed to remove their curses, and into protecting them from The Inquisition. I still think it’s terrible to scam people, but in this case, it’s a scam for a good cause, I guess?

Master Lord Majesty: A bunch of questions popped into my head after seeing this cat (who’s somehow like the counterpart of Nezu from My Hero Academia). Why can he talk? Did he used to be human, then his curse turned him into a cat? Why does he have such an egotistic, mouthful of a name? And why didn’t Seth heed Alma’s words better!! However, he seems like such a shrewd character, in a positive sense. He devised a crafty way to amass loads of money to protect and help his citizens, thereby becoming a powerful influence as well. I’d definitely like to know more about this cat’s deal!

Seth’s choice: I’m even prouder of you now, Seth! If he just really wanted a place to live in happily with Alma, he could have just stayed in Artemis and asked Alma to follow suit. Then they could live comfortably. But he cared so much for the normal folk, the ones who made his and his adoptive mother’s lives miserable, that he’d willingly go through the trouble of finding a place that might not even exist! He has a very noble heart, and I love him for it!

Report: Uh-oh! The Inquisition now knows about Seth’s ability to use magic bare-handed, thanks to Dragunov’s report! And they deemed him dangerous! I wonder if it’s just them over-reacting, or they have a basis for it. And who is that hooded man Torque was talking to?

Themes & Trivia

Baba Yaga: Yaga’s name could’ve been derived from Baba Yaga from Slavic myths. She’s a creepy-looking, old witch who, through tales, have scared children for years.

Artemis: I’m not sure if the author named the town after this Greek goddess for specific reasons, but it’s worth noting that Artemis is associated with the moon (which you could see all around the town), and the hunt (maybe related to Nemesis hunting).


Man, I had loads of fun watching this episode! It was so silly that I was surprised it’s a major part of the plot! Light-hearted shows like this that become more and more interesting plot-wise aren’t that common, so I’m quite happy! Probably my only concern was how dumb Seth and Melie were portrayed as this time, especially when they were running around the place and incurring more debt. Then when Doc was wallowing in his despair because of it, they acted as if they didn’t know why. There’s a limit on how ‘stupid’ a character can be without making it seem forced, especially if they’re not usually THAT stupid. I also thought Doc would clearly say something about the Nemesis corpse they lost, instead of just repeating ‘This sucks.’

Debt, and more debt!

It looks like Seth’s going to train under Yaga instead of directly getting more clues about Radiant. Maybe Yaga thought he’s not yet ready for the task, and just so! The kid only knows how to use Titan Punch!

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