What do you get when Mario Kart meets Harry Potter? Why, you get Artemis Academy’s Broom Race! This week’s Radiant became so much fun because of this highly-anticipated event, even though the episode was also like 50% recaps. These flashbacks somehow worked well in drawing out all the maximum feels of the story’s theme, though! They even helped me realize just how much Seth has grown in ten episodes!



There’s a festival in Artemis Academy, which is great timing because it also marked the first month of Seth’s stay in the town! He and Melie wanted to enjoy the celebration, but as they were already full of debt, they had to get some money first. Doc encouraged them to join the annual broom race so they can win the first place prize, a whopping ten million dimes! While planning to sign-up though, they ran into the two-time race champion who has heard of Alma. He insulted her, while also challenging Seth to win the race! Of course, our protagonist didn’t take that sitting down! He was all riled up to win and get that guy to acknowledge how great his teacher is!


Episode Highlights

Money-making festival: Headmaster Majesty’s shrewdness knows no bounds, it seems! Why, I never thought of festival celebrations as a way for towns to make money. I kind of feel silly that I only realized it now. But what’s more, he was also using it to forge alliances and gain connections with other countries! That way the Inquisition will continue to keep their paws off his town, ensuring that sorcerers will continue to live in peace. Ingenious!

Nick and Seth: Hah! I badly wanted to see Seth wipe the floor with that egotistic Nick! But even if our protagonist didn’t win against him in the race, he did show him and such a vast audience just who the better person between them is! I found the whole thing amazing, actually. Nick challenged Seth to the race so they could see how great of a teacher Alma is, if Seth won. However, Seth proved this, not by winning, but by displaying his character through saving people! Remember when Yaga taught this lesson to him? That is excellent writing!

Growth: I also loved how the flashback scenes meshed well with the theme of the episode, in more ways than one! Aside from reminding us what Seth has gone through these past few episodes (or the past month in the story’s timeline), it also told us that Alma, Melie, Doc, and Yaga all greatly contributed to his growth! He literally wouldn’t be where he is now if not for them! He became so much cooler, too! I got goose bumps when he cast that defensive barrier to protect himself from Majesty’s attack, then immediately pummeled it kaboom! Plus, if it weren’t for that distraction and saving Nick’s lackeys, I’m pretty sure Seth could have won the race, which should have also been proof that he wasn’t only strong in character, but also in power! Imagine going head-to-head with the latest broom model, while only having a decent one? That’s power right there!

Stranger danger?: Right after such an entertaining event, the episode brought us back to the eerie appearance of the bandaged man! He finally arrived near Rumble Town, but he was talking about doing a job that may have a few casualties. What is that job exactly? Is he like an assassin? And is he named Grimm? Still super mysterious.


Themes & Trivia

Brooms: Okay, so if we’re going to properly understand what the commercial bumper said about brooms, it seems like they’re also being used for cleaning, aside from being a mode of transportation? That is amusing!

Mario Kart: The way Majesty was trying to eliminate the broom racers reminded me of this go-kart racing game! That’s because, aside from there being some obstacles in the track, there are also special items that racers can get that will let them knock over enemy drivers!

Dead heat: This is a racing term that means there is no single winner, aka it’s a tie.



I’m still wondering if this was really meant to be a recap episode due to the amount of flashbacks we got. If it indeed was, then they did it right! Like I said, the recaps reminded us of things past, while also making the feel of the story a whole lot stronger. I’ve already been going on a lot about how proud I was of Seth during my past reviews, but this episode felt like it was the culmination of my pride! Yet we’re still only in the 10th episode, so I’m super looking forward to what’s going to happen next! Actually, this part of the story also feels like a preparation for what’s to come, since next week’s episode looks like it’ll be getting serious.


One-in-ten-thousand odds!

Rumble Town has often been mentioned since the previous episode, so it’s quite thrilling that we’ll finally get to see what is up with that place! Then again, the preview didn’t really make it sound that lovely, plus it’s become infamous for sorcerer discrimination. Will Doc’s investigation lead the trio there?

While we wait for that, let us know what you thought of this one in the comments! We’re also drawing closer to the end of our current season, so why not catch up on our Fall 2018 reviews?

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