The upcoming anime movie City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes, which opens on 9 February 2019, has released a 67 second-long trailer. In addition, it has been revealed that the young voice actress Marie Iitoyo and comedian Yoshimi Tokui from Tutorial will appear as guest actors.

City Hunter is a hard-boiled comedy series in which the protagonist, Ryo Saeba, and his partner, Kaori Makimura, are fighting against evil that can’t be put down by law. It has been twenty years since the last full-length animated entry in the series. The theatrical movie takes place in a modern Shinjuku and features a completely new story.

The released trailer starts with main character and City Hunter Ryo Saeba saying, ‘The one who called me is you, right?’. Ryo’s new client is Ai Shindo, we can see him calling her ‘Mokkori-chaan’ and gets hit by Kaori’s ‘100t Hammer’ afterwards.

Some new characters have been introduced in the video besides the already familiar Umibouzu members. Koichi Yamadera plays Kaoru’s childhood friend Shinji Mikuni and Hochu Otsuka plays the mysterious weapon merchant, Vince Ingrad. The video ends with Ryo’s line, ‘I don’t decline beautiful women’s requests’.

The ending theme for this City Hunter movie is TM NETWORK’s ‘Get Wild’, which is likely to fuel fans’ anticipation and excitement.

Marie Iitoyo is to play the guest heroine Ai Shindo and Yoshimi Tokui is in charge of a character who will be announced at a later date.

Movie City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes is slated to open on 8 February 2019.