Girly Air Force, the upcoming Winter 2019 anime, has revealed its second trailer! The trailer also features the opening theme ‘Break the Blue!!’ by Run Girls, Run!.

In the video we see Kei and Gripen’s everyday life filled with laughter and Eagle and Phantom make an appearance as well! With a fight between Gripen and a Zai, this trailer really features everything a fan could ask for, so check it out:

Girly Air Force


Girly Air Force is a story in which beautiful girls meet fighter aircraft, as they face the mysterious flying objects called ‘Zai’, who are endangering mankind. The main character Kei Narutani once sees a dazzling red fighter aircraft and when he runs after it, it turns out it was the Anima Gripen. Like this the story of a girl that is the trump card of mankind and a boy who wants to fly in the sky begins.



Original Work: Koji Natsumi (author), Tosaka Asagi (illustrator)
Director: Ono Katsumi
Series Composition: Shingo Nagai
Original Character Design: Tosaka Asagi
Character Design/ Chief Animation Director: Toru Imanishi
Mecha Design/ Battle Supervisor: Hiroyuki Taiga
Animation Production: Satelight



Kei Narutani: Ryota Osaka
Gripen: Yuka Morishima
Phantom: Shiori Izawa
Eagle: Hitomi Owada
Song Mingwah: Lynn